When is the perfect time for your Maternity and Newborn session?

Maternity Sessions

The best time to take your maternity photo shoot is anytime between 29-34 weeks pregnant. Your belly will be beautiful and noticeable! You will also feel great and comfortable for your session.

You can book anytime but to guarantee your session date to be available try to book 1-2 months in advance, if possible, to not have your date booked by someone else. It is also great to book months ahead so we can talk about the details like dress colors and styles, ideas, and places to chose from :)

Maternity sessions can be taken in your Nursery as a Life inspired session, or On a Location of your choosing.

Our portfolio section is full of great information on what to expect  for your session


Newborn Sessions

Newborns are the purest once they are fresh out the oven. Newborn sessions are best to take between 3-15 days born. but up to 1 month babies are also welcomed :) Why so fast you may ask? Newborns grow and change before our eyes so fast that we don't even notice it. They already look so different when they are just 1 month, so to capture them as newborns the earlier the better. The first few weeks, as your baby gets used to the outside world, the most they do is eat and sleep. This helps during their session so they can stay sleep to be posed in safe and adorable positions you will love!

Newborn sessions can be taken at our  Studio in middleburg, FL or at the comfort of your own home (studio styled (Available for a limited time) or Life Inspired styled sessions) 

Book your baby's milestone session during their newborn session and get them at a special discount!

Our portfolio section is full of great information on what to expect  for your session


 FRESH 48 Newborn sessions

Fresh 48 sessions are photos taken the 2nd day the baby is born in the hospital. 

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